PhD thesis (2010)

My PhD thesis focusses on the combinatorial structure of the renormalization group. It derives a forest formula for Epstein Glaser Renormalization and establishes a connection between Perturbative Algebraic Quantum Field Theory and the Hopf algebraic approach to renormalization by Connes and Kreimer. The thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Klaus Fredenhagen.

You can download a copy of my thesis and the slides of my thesis defense.

Diploma thesis (2006)

In my diploma thesis I studied the role of projective geometry in quantum mechanics. In particular in the first part of the work, which is dedicated to the study of the realization of symmetries, I present a simple, geometric proof of Wigner's theorem. In the second part the basic geometrical setup for the spin statistics connection in non relativistic quantum mechanics is discussed.

Unfortunately there is only a German version of my diploma thesis available. Nevertheless the geometric proof of Wigner's theorem is also discussed in a publication.